Olfi ❤

26th March 2019

One of the things I love about Wrexham is the creativity and ingenuity of local businesses who market themselves tirelessly. One such business is the creators of the Olfi one.five action camera. Wrexham bred, and proud to be Welsh, they have been unafraid in taking on the big guns of action cameras and smashing the market to become a mean competitor.

I am so chuft to be in partnership with Olfi to bring you vlogs and videos, capturing my journey using the immense Olfi one.five black. If you haven’t heard of Olfi check them out! A Wrexham brand at it’s best! And if you use code evrah10 you get 10% off anything you buy at which also supports my journey too! Let’s support local business!


9th March 2019

As I reflect on 2nd March what can I say? Absolutely blown away by the fans at Wrexham AFC. The whole day was incredible from start to finish. Steve Lloyd (a man with endless knowledge about Wrexham AFC) was superb. He treated me and my family with much respect and charm and took us on a tour of the ground and dressing room. I even got to have my photo taken with Wrexham legend and hero of mine, BRYAN FLYNN!! I got to perform at the 1864 and Bamford suites followed by Performing at the ground in front of thousands of dedicated Wrexham fans. It is something I will NEVER forget and will no doubt be one of my fondest memories. I was also the first woman ever to read out the team sheet WOAH how ace is that?

To see the Wrexham AFC girls squad out on pitch with the team was amazing, to witness our future women making waves in the world of sport is nothing short of inspiring and I am so proud of them. Keep striving and you will go on to achieve great things, there is no doubt about that.

One thing I want to say is how amazing it is to have a local football club dedicated to not only women’s rights, but the rights of everyone who love the game by supporting, encouraging and making statements to other clubs. Wrexham AFC are achieving something quite special and are showing them selves to be progressive and dedicated in their nature.

To the fans, thank you so much for welcoming me on match day and for the support you have continuously shown online. As a young un, I thrived every match day, I would soak in the atmosphere and crowd and sing at the top of my lungs until my voice gave out. Those days in the Kop will always be special to me. But to be on pitch, praising our club in poetry, doing what I love in front of the biggest and best family anyone could ask for (7 thousand to be exact), and Wrexham winning, now that, is living the dream. Thank you!


31st January 2019

I am so sick of the negative attitude towards the town. Everytime I read anything on associated sites it’s always poor, talking about the things Wrexham doesn’t have or is lacking. So what? Open your eyes and see what we do have, a thriving community and arts scene, so many young creatives in one geographical location who will eventually put our awesome town on the map! Invest in their future and quit the bull! We have endless amounts of people striving to improve our streets and support one another. The last thing they need is negativity! Let’s pull together because we are strong and resilient, WE ARE WREXHAM!!

Young People and Poetry

22nd January 2019

Sadly, after three lovely weeks, I have come to the end of my poetry workshop for young people and it has been a brilliant experience. Of course, it came with its challenges, what doesn’t? I was initially confronted with the “poetry is boring” groans. Without a doubt, disheartening. However, it made me ask the question, why? Why is poetry boring? This is the very question I asked each of them and it seems that their impression of poetry was moulded by their secondary school education. It sounded very familiar to my school experience. Stale lessons and unenthusiastic or maybe unconfident teachers. I am annoyed by this.
Why are schools still ‘teaching’ poetry in the very same rigid way that suits only a fraction of students, if any?

I, like many people, believe that Shakespeare is important, and there are so many wonderful 16th – 20th-century poets. However, why not present our youth poetry and poets that resonate with them? Why not utilise the hundreds of poets, spoken word poets, lyricists and rappers this country has, speaking about important and universal issues that represent the youth of today? This notion of ‘must teach Whitman’ (as much as I appreciate him) alienates individuals who may, in other circumstances and environments excel at and enjoy poetry. This is what I have learned from my time providing this workshop. Young people fear poetry, not because they don’t have the capabilities because they do, ultimately they find it boring and unrelatable. Within a few shorts sessions, I had these wonderful young people creating poetry and enjoying it, all it took was some relatable content, patience and a different perspective. Young people can enjoy poetry. You just have to find THEIR niche. In doing so, you not only enrich their education, you provide them with a positive, therapeutic outlet.

The dream

20th January 2019

I am currently working on my debut poetry publication with Verve Poetry Press! It is such an exciting time for me, mainly because it has been a dream of mine to write a book since childhood. This book, has been 20 years in the making, not only that, it has to be the best I can produce. This comes with its stresses, the self doubt and niggling insecurities that I am sure most writers feel. Will it be good enough? Will it be liked? Could it be better? The answer to all those questions is YES! I have total trust in Verve to support me to produce the best work I can, yet I know, that no matter how good “I think” my poetry is, it could always be better in someone else’s eyes. So my task right now is to produce what we perceive to be my best and leave the others to make their own assumptions. Poetry is very much subjective, but isn’t that all the fun?

Cervical Screening

17th January 2019

I remember my first screening, I put it off for so long because I was not only terrified but completely embarrassed. The letters would come through the door every so often to remind me that I needed to be screened and I would throw them away. Until eventually (after extensive googling) I decided to book the appointment. I dreaded it! My mind was awash with images of pain and blood, not to mention the horror of falling over half naked. Yet, all it was in the end, was hype. The nurse was calm and reassuring, it was dignified, I didn’t fall over and I felt barely anything. All that fuss over nothing. That’s the thing with over-thinking, we create scenarios so far from reality we don’t know how to reengage with fact. I guess what I am trying to say is get your self bloody screened. Cervical screening saves countless lives.

Young peoples workshop

15th January 2019

I am currently part way through providing a poetry workshop to young people with a multitude of learning needs. I was pre-warned about their ‘challenging behaviour’. What I have been confronted with are passionate, intelligent and open-minded people who are desperate to achieve and be respected as individuals. The youth of today are the future of tomorrow, we should be lifting them up not branding them.